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“Fashion fades, only style is eternal.”

April 12, 2011

Few can remain unperturbed by ongoing fashion trends and stand their own ground with their timeless style. We present to you, five such women whose names have been etched as icons in the history of fashion, forever.

Coco Chanel

One of the leading pre- World War designers of Paris, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, drew inspiration from her own lifestyle and personal attitude. Her creations were a reflection of her own personality and that defined the trademark Chanel look. Perpetrator of the original LBD, Coco Chanel soon became one of the most celebrated figures of her time. Her short hair, slim boyish frame, tanned skin and her career and financial independence set her apart as one of the female icons of all time.

Coco Chanel in her trademark pearls

Coco in the Chanel suit and the beret

Get the Coco Chanel look:

A suit made of solid or tweed fabric in its trademark white black and grey combo, with a collarless jacket and matching slim knee length skirt, accessorized with long multiple strings of pearls. Or wear a white blouse over wide trousers accessorized with a beret and pearls.

Audrey Tautou playing Coco in Coco before Chanel

Marilyn Monroe

This American iconic beauty from the 50s is the epitome of old world Hollywood sensuality and glamour. Her famous white halter dress from ‘The seven year itch’ and her  pink strapless gown from ‘Gentlemen prefer Blondes’ will always be remembered. Her golden blonde shoulder length layered hairstyle, red lips and beauty spot remained her trademark style, fondly remembered by fans.

Marilyn in a white halter dress from the famous scene in The seven year itch

The pink strapless dress from Gentlemen prefer blondes

Get the Marilyn look:

Knee length halter dresses, strapless or sweetheart neckline dresses, pencil skirts worn with cardigans. Wear polka dots and accessorize with bows.

In one of her polka dotted dresses

Avoid bright colors, stick to black, white, beige and red. Peep toe and strappy sandals will complete the Marilyn look.

Jackie O

This former first lady of US introduced style and glamour to the White House between1961- 63. In her early years while campaigning as wife of President John F Kennedy, she started to be known for her signature classy and conservative style- her pea coats with big buttons and elegant evening gowns for gala events. Post White House, her look became bolder with her shift dresses and more casual attire like her turtle-neck tops. She made oversized sunglasses famous, along with the Gucci bag that was originally introduced in 1950s- later named after her.

Jackie in one of her shift dresses

Get the Jackie O look:

Shift dresses, floor length gowns worn with elbow length gloves.

The Gucci Jackie O Bag

Jackie O sunglasses and the Jackie O bag.

Kate Moss

One of the most iconic supermodels of the late 90s, Kate Moss brought hippie chic in the limelight with her waif like frame and her boho style off the ramp. Known for her distinctive style, the world still loves her way after her official retirement from the catwalk in 2004.

Kate Moss in her cut offs and waist coat

Get the Kate Moss look:

Denim cut off shorts, ugg boots or ballet flats, waist coat as well as skinny jeans.

You can mix different fabrics, wear layers of jewellery for day. Wear formal dresses for evening in neutral shades.

Victoria Beckham

This former Spice girl –actress- turned fashion designer is easily one of the biggest style icons of our times. Victoria Beckham is always well turned out and she never disappoints. She revolutionized the bob in 2007 and it came to be known as the ‘Pob’ after Posh Spice. Victoria’s style statement is super glam diva and she carries it off effortlessly. Her clothing line titled Victoria Beckham aka dVb, is known for her feminine 50s style dresses.

Get the Victoria Beckham look:

Glamorous body hugging knee length dresses for evening, and skinny denims for day.

Get the Pob haircut. Wear oversized sunglasses and never step out of the house without pumps with skyscraper heels.

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