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5 Awesome Free Fashion Apps For The Chic Geek!

September 30, 2011


Pic from: The Cut

1) Fashion Diary:
This android app helps you keep track of what  you wore to which event, so you never wear the same outfit twice! It also allows you to append searchable notes to find your photos quickly. So what if Kate Middleton repeats her dresses, you’re no less than fashion royalty right?

Fashion Diary Free Android App

Click  HERE  for  Free Download

2) Fashion News: Free
Seen Salvatore Ferragamo’s awesome new spring summer 2012 collection yet? If not, its time to stay updated with News feeds from the leading fashion houses, magazines and trend setters in the world. This app gives you all the hot info on world fashion trends, Fashion TV, and what have you. Not just news, you also get trend reports, deals, coupons, and Twitter feeds!

Click HERE for free download

3) Shopper app from Google: Free

Google combines its resources to give you a hassle free shopping experience. Now, you can find the price of anything under the sun by simply keying in text, voice or barcode to get the price comparison of a specific product online. The app also has offers and coupons unlimited everyday!

Google Shopper

Click here for free download.

4) Tri mirror:

The app lets you share your own fashion and photos of the dresses online! It has line based display which can further be clicked to read the full story or view the full photo.  It is one of the most popular  fashion app right now!

TriMirror App

Click HERE for free download.

5) Apple- Apps for the Clothes –Minded and Style Studio:
There’s a new fashion-dedicated app section in the iTunes Store!
‘Apps for the Clothes-Minded’ is organized in 4 different categories: “Designers” showcases apps from well-known firms such as Gucci and FENDI; “Covering the Scene” lets you buy fashion press-related applications; “In Your Closet” lets you take a closer look at the latest fashion trends through apps like Teen Vogue and Vogue Stylist; “Buy the Look” features apps to buy clothes and accessories online.

iTunes 'Apps for the Clothes Minded' section, that includes all fashion and beauty oriented apps.

Log on to iTunes to check it out for yourself!

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