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Dress your pad in style!

May 7, 2011

Now fashionable girls always have one big worry: overflowing closets, not enough storage space, clothes and accessories spilling out of corners and the background score of yelling moms, grumbling roommates ( or in some cases, finicky bfs!).

Here are a few hints and cues to help style your room or studio to give it space, character and some fashion lovin’!


Clutter control

Cluttered rooms give the illusion of a smaller size so clean up, stack those books and papers in files and folders, pack off your winter clothes inside that big antique chest, which doubles up as a seat or a center coffee table. Use large shoe boxes to store accessories, beads and all other knick knacks & junk jewelry : stack em up on top of the other! The neater your space is, the bigger it looks!

Coffee table storage chest

Vintage decorative storage chest

Shoe box to store junk jewelry

Magazine and folder rack under coffee table

Three tiered storage drawers

Use vertical space for storage:

take a cue from the growing skyscrapers in the city : they save on ground space but still have plenty of room for everyone! Use the space above your cupboards by either storing stuff in boxes/ chests / or even suitcases and stacking them up there or get  a range of mini cupboards made high up there.

Space used above the closet for storage

storage space above closet

Create nooks and corners with functional furniture:
Open back book shelves double up as room dividers and can store all your books, picture frames and knick -knacks in style. Also, dainty corner tables can fit in any nook and create space for your frames, pens and papers while a vintage hat stand in a corner can store your hand bags, hats and jackets while displaying them in style. Even without a hat stand, you could hammer some nails into one selected corner of your wall and store as well as display your trendy handbags, hats and belts.

corner stand

Backless book shelf doubles up as space divider

Hat and coat stand

Book shelf


Paint walls: If you are at the liberty to do so, you could paint one of your walls in a different color- making it the statement wall for pictures, art or simple left alone for effect.

Red statement wall

Statement wall in studio apt

Vintage posters: even if you cannot paint your wall, you could use one wall to display vibrant, captivating framed vintage posters from ceiling to floor. You could even have them distributed all over the room- but they’ll work better if you have a theme running through them- could be movies, comics, fashion or travel: whatever floats your boat!

Travel poster

Pulp Fiction stencil poster

Vintage Vogue poster

Casablanca poster

Vinyl Records as wall art

Quirky Rugs

I have an unabashed fondness for rugs and I suggest you pick up some, to liven up your room. Choose from the shaggy, ruffled rug in a brilliant blue to the understated classy print to the wild, abstract or animal print- according to your own taste: you could even use more than one rug for a room, and certainly for a studio apt, to break spaces.

Zebra print rug

Plush fluff rug

Bamboo Rug

Circular rug

Fashion Lovin’

Clothes and shoe racks:

If there’s no place for heavy furniture,  get those foldable canvas shoe racks- easy to move, simple to store and they can go anywhere you want- behind the door, under the study table, dangle down along your curtains …great space savers and they look so cute!

Hanging Shoeracks

Foldable canvas shoe rack

Also, if your room is dust free, then you could use some of those moving or foldable clothes racks to hang your clothes from- they’re exposed, but it’s a fun way to store clothes when you’re strapped for space.

Movable fabric closet

Movable clothes rack

Get Flashy:

Install flash bulbs around your wall mounted dressing mirror for that flashy look- make sure there’s a spare plug point though!

Open closet

Get creative!
Graffiti paint those boring venetian blinds, kitschy throw pillow covers, paint your ceiling fan in your fave hue! Use sheer curtains to give the room or studio some breathing space, install wall shelves for storage. Make your own lamp shade with old photo negatives… so when you turn on the switch, the pictures are projected on the walls! If you can, throw in a colorful, cloth hammock for fun!

Camera film lamp shade

Indoor hammock

Turntable clock

Vintage telephone

Small, contemporary chandelier


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