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Edit Your Closet!

September 28, 2011


It’s editing time for my closet again- time to make way for the new dresses, leggings, pullovers, cardigans and boots! Yipee! What I’m NOT looking forward to is rummaging for my clothes in the massive-pile-of-things-I-didn’t-know-I-had, a.k.a my closet and not finding my pink cashmere sweater when I need it the most.  If you’re in the habit of not editing your closet for seasonal changes and are guilty of being a serial hoarder of clothes, take a cue and let’s do this together!


Favourite radio station/playlist? Check.


30 min on the clock? Go!


Start from scratch and take ALL your clothes off the closet and put them on your bed. Use these time-saving tactic to revamp your autumn winter closet in style.

1. Sort the pile of clothes into three sections –

a) Clothes most frequently worn by you (Eg. To work, daily wear etc)
b) Clothes occasionally worn (Dresses and fancier items worn on the weekends or to parties etc)
c) Clothes rarely worn/ out of season (Eg. summer wear which doesn’t quite work for autumn/ winter)

2. Be brutal and honest with your selection. Now take the entire pile of clothes rarely worn, out of use and out of season and dump it in a suitcase/ storage case. Don’t seal it yet though, we’ll be coming back to it soon.

Keep in mind trends for Autumn Winter 2011, though. Keep things such as tartan prints, red dresses, full skirts, polka dotted stuff or maxis in the current pile. Also keep the little white dress from the summer- will come in handy to mix and match with black accessories, considering the monochrome trend of the season.

3. Next, sort out your color palette and make a list of things to buy, simultaneously. Just because its Autumn does not mean you make your wardrobe look pale and drab.  Mix it up with a vibrant streak with accessories and fun leggings (which you must have atleast three kinds of- Plain, ribbed and one fun pair in an unexpected color or print)

4. Hang your most frequently used clothes and basics right up front so they’re most accessible. Your heavier items such as jackets, sweaters, pullovers etc must come in order after the first pile. The second pile may be  kept in a separate section– since its used only over the weekends or occasionally. Don’t waste hanger space for stuff not in use everyday (with the exception of a few items which may be ironed and hung)

5. Dont ever make the mistake of keeping festive stuff/ rarely worn items in the closet along with your daily wear and weekend clothes.  Traditional wear or clothing for festivals/weddings/ special occasions  etc are very space consuming and might even get damaged lying open in the closet. Just double pack them in cloth casings and stack them in storage suitcases.  No point populating your closet with things you use once a year.

6. Now go back to the pile of clothes that’s rarely used. Sort out the items you might want to donate, tailor and alter, or keep for next summer.

7. Repeat the same process for your lingerie drawers. We don’t realize how many useless and rarely worn items have been lounging around in our drawers- Get rid of the stuff that’s out of use, but fresh stuff this season ( There are seasonal sales on this time around so make the most of it).

8. This is a great time to mix and match your items, try them on to see what new ensembles can be created and accessorized from your existing wardrobe and ofcourse, add to the things to buy list.

Donate your ill fitting, old and outdated clothes to charity

Organize your closet for the new season

Voila! You have yourself a new wardrobe, a shopping list and a bunch of new ensembles you never knew you had. And look at that ample space in your closet! Now if only editing my LIFE would be just as easy …sigh * Drama Queen Moment*

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