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Exclusive! FY Interviews Mischa Barton

May 7, 2012

Mischa Barton is in Dubai and loving it! She’s in town for the launch of her fashion brand and to explore the city. Here’s an excerpt from Fashionably Yours’ chat with her on style, Dubai and everything in between.


The stylish OC star is launching her collection, Mischa Barton Bags at Rivaage Boutique, Dubai Mall. She sees potential in the purchasing power and refined taste of the consumer in the region. The stunning actress has also just launched a boho inspired clothing line called ‘Mischa’s Place’ to add to her already popular handbags range.

FY: Great to have you in Dubai! From what you have seen so far, what is your opinion about style in Dubai?
Mischa Barton: Dubai is an amazing city – It brings together many diverse cultures and trends and that makes for an very interesting fashion scene. I understand that the Middle East consumer appreciates a great handbag!

FY: What is unique about Mischa Barton Bags?
Mischa Barton: There is a lot of thought that goes into designing the bags to make for a young, diverse, eclectic look and feel.

FY: Do share with us your ultimate style advice.
Mischa Barton: To make something your own…….I think it is important to have key
accessories, such as a great pair of shoes, a stunning handbag, and
jewelry in your wardrobe that can be used to make any outfit a standout.

FY: What is your current favorite trend for Spring Summer 2012?
Mischa Barton: I don’t really follow Trends but I’m loving anything that’s a throwback
to Edwardian and the color Orange!

All the best Mischa, Dubai loves having you in its closet!

Mischa Barton handbags

Mischa Barton handbags

Mischa Barton handbags

Mischa Barton handbags

Mischa Barton handbags

Mischa Barton handbags

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