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FY’s How- to guide to Parisian Chic!

May 28, 2011

What is Parisian chic, really?

Parisian style is known to be glamorous, ultra feminine, a bit snobbish about it’s brands, classic and independent. Replicate that famous Parisian charm with this snapshot style guide!

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl series is classic Parisian Chic

French First Lady Carla Bruni- Sarkozy: one of the best ambassadors of French fashion


1. Keep your jewelry down to the minimum and wear your hair down with a soft lace hairband. You could also do the chic high bun updo or a loose fishtail or French braid for that unmistakably classy Parisian look.

2. Parisian ladies clearly have a thing for layers- The A- Line summer jacket, the pea coat or the light cardigan are worn over delicate camisoles and a silk scarves.

Pic: classicchicblog

pic: Matalan LookBook

3. Keep the belts discreet and the shoes simple and elegant. Parisian style is effortless and is meant to put that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ element in the wearer.

4. Keep your hats on, ladies! Berets, bowler hats, fedora or floppy… French women are definitely hat friendly!

Neo Parisian chic. Pic: Refinery 29

Hang on to your hats. Pic: Asos

5. Keep your skirts knee-length and elegant- Parisian style is sophisticated and classy, effortless and feminine. So keep in mind that your leopard print super mini and the cleavage baring bold blouse are not going to cut it!

6. The LBD was literally invented here so naturally, it’s an essential style element for this look. However, one could play with layers, accessories and make up, to contemporize it!

Navy sweater and white trousers: Another Parisian classic

Coco Chanel's orginal LBD worn the Parisian way

7. No one does understated better than the French. Keep your color palette soft and girly! Pick colors like black, white, camel, tan, powder pink, peach, pastels, Mediterranean blues and greens and the like.

8. Keep the silhouette and cuts, clean and classic.

French Manicure

Parisian Make up- understated


  1. Avoid loud, busy patterns and prints.
  2. Don’t go overboard with accessories and bling.
  3. Skip the neon blue eye shadow: Stick to the nude face with a hint of color.
    Parisian style is soft and subdued. French Manicure, anyone?
  4.  Mixing prints is very Neo Parisian but make sure it’s not drastic!
  5. Parisians don’t get anti-fits! Avoid baggy boyfriend jeans or oversized blazers Parisian fashion is all about the crisp, feminine, fitted silhouette.

    Parisian Chic!

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