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FY nominated ‘BEST ASIAN BLOGGER’ for the Masala Awards 2012!

October 19, 2012

I’m super thrilled and excited to give you this news and also humbled by this honor- It just goes to show that if you’re passionate about something, it really shows and is genuinely appreciated by people; suddenly, all that frantic running around after work, blogging at 2:00 am and working  over weekends seems worth it!

A little more than a year after I started blogging from Dubai, I have the privilege of being nominated as Best Asian Blogger for the prestigious Masala Awards 2012 in the UAE. (I still can’t believe I’m considered for this!)

The award ceremony is in December but the voting for the popular award category closes on November 1st. Wow, that’s less than 2 weeks away! I’d be very very grateful if you’d cast your vote for me, as I really need your support as readers and well wishers. Moreover, here’s a little bribe- All voters are eligible to win amazing prizes from Masala- and by that, I mean AED 20,000 worth designer wardrobes, holidays and more!


Please click on this link above to register and vote for me in the Best Asian Blogger Category (Priyanka Pradhan – Fashionably Yours). You could vote from ANY part of the world.

Your love and support is invaluable to me…Thank you so, so much!

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