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FY Review: Lash Extensions

September 6, 2015

Now I’ve always been a girly girl but also a lazy girl, especially when it comes to applying make-up. So even though I’ve always loved long, flirty lashes, I’ve skipped the mascara almost every time- mostly because I tend to run late. So after careful thought and deliberation (and a LOT of Google-ing), I finally decided to get eyelash extensions done from iGlow Beauty Lounge, JLT, Dubai.

FY REview; Lash Extensions

FY REview; Lash Extensions

During my research, I picked up two most important things to consider BEFORE getting the lashes:

1. Make sure the salon is reputed and the technicians are trained and highly skilled because if done wrong, it could cause a serious eye infection (ew!).

2. Understand that the extensions are very high-maintenance and need to be touched up every 3-4 weeks depending on how you care for them. It’s expensive and takes a lot of effort to take care of them by not getting them wet, not rubbing them and being extremely careful while taking off eye make-up.

If you’re prepared for these two factors, then you’re ready for what has personally been a transformative journey. I, for one, am hooked for life!

Y REVIEW: Lash extensions

Y REVIEW: Lash extensions

Firstly, I never have to think of mascara anymore! I opted for a natural looking ‘full set’ of lashes, as recommended by the technician at iGlow Beauty Lounge. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive that it would look fake and too loud for daily wear but to my surprise, they were just right.

The process itself took an hour and a half for the full set on both eyes, since the technician was careful to glue on the extensions stand by strand. By the way, beware of certain salons that are way cheaper and don’t actually apply each extension one by one but tend to clump lashes together- that’s awfully bad for your natural lashes too, as there will be a lot of breakage.

Y REVIEW: Lash extensions

Y REVIEW: Lash extensions at iGlow Beauty Lounge, JLT Dubai

The procedure doesn’t hurt but you might experience some light tugging at the lashes – negligible, though. As soon as I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror, I almost squealed! They were simply fabulous… and yes, in the past three weeks I’ve made a huge effort to make sure they look good- meticulously avoiding water or oil based make up from going near the lash line and brushing them with a clear spool every morning – but hey, vanity comes at a price!

Speaking of which, lash extensions (full set, natural) cost AED 550 and refill cost from AED 300 onwards at iGlow Beauty Lounge, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai UAE. Ph: 04 420 9667.

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