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Go Figure!

May 3, 2011

Ever wished for a nicer butt? Hate the love handles? Want a longer, slender frame?

All that you wish for is sitting in your own closet! Work magic on your figure with clever clothing to cover up flaws, highlight assets and manipulate curves Just be honest with yourself about your own flaws and advantages – that’s half the battle won!  FY shares some styling secrets that’ll give you exactly what you want!

5 Issues, 5 Solutions!


  • Big butt
  • Love handles
  • Too scrawny
  • Broad shoulders
  • No butt!


Big butt?
Now if you don’t quite agree with Sir Mix a Lot:

Hip length tops

A line dress

A Line dress

1. Stay away from bold prints and horizontal stripes for pants, just stick to dark solids at the bottom.

2. You could also take attention away from the bottom by wearing eye-catching accessories [like large beaded necklaces and earrings] while keeping the bottom half of your outfit extremely simple. Large hoop earrings also do the job- plus they trim the face down as well.

3. Avoid high waist and mid rise trousers as that will bring attention to your butt and hips.

4. Wear hip length tunics to break the figure away from its natural waistline and cover the butt halfway-  giving the illusion of a smaller size.

5. Wear Aline skirts and dresses – the fullness of the A line skirts naturally creates a camouflage for the butt.

Hate Love handles?
This problem area includes the absence of a slim waistline, flabby sides and a generally boxy, rectangular figure- Here’s the fix:

Empire Line top

Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress

Clinched waist wrap dress DVF

Printed Pants

1. Empire waistline right below the bus  hides the tummy flab and the sides. Wrap dresses also come in handy as they flatter boxy figures.

2. Another way to disguise a tummy is to wear a blouse or shirt with a scalloped or fringe edge which hangs down below your tummy, so the attention is taken away from the abdomen area to the detailing below.

3. Wear printed pants or show off your legs in a short empire line dress to distract from the midriff area.

4. Avoid big chunky belts or ultra slim belts- stick to the conventional medium size, if you must wear a belt.

5. Wear tummy shaper panties- yes, they are granny underwear but  nothing to feel shy about- these body shapers are extremely useful as jiggle busters and only make you look hotter!

Too scrawny?

Thin and short girls are often considered lucky, but only they know how difficult their situation can really be! Everything is too big, too floaty and just too ill- fitting to look nice. Here’s what to do then:

Full skirt- Dennis Basso

Short striped top

Fitted trousers that skim the shoes

Zara pointy toed shoes

1.Short dresses are made to order for petite figures, so strut your stuff in sun dresses, minis and tube dresses that hit above the knees- shorter hemlines make the legs look longer and add height  your frame, visually. Avoid calf-length or ankle-length skirts that make you look shorter than you are.

2.Wear straight legged pants and make the hem brush the top of your shoes- avoid bell bots or boot cuts as they take away from your height.

3.Avoid wearing square tip shoes and instead opt for pointy toes shoes and add a good 2 inches with heels!

4. Different colors on the top and bottom, will cut your figure in half, making you look even shorter. Uniform colors will help create the illusion of height. Also, by the same logic, avoid extremely busy, fussy tribal type prints, as they will break up the line of your body, making you appear shorter.

5.Make sure your tops and blouses and jackets end at waist level- and accentuate your waist with an eye-catching belt [ Consider the adorable, girly bow belts this season]. Anything longer than waist level will elongate your torso and make your legs look shorter.

Big broad shoulders?

Kenneth Kay long multichain necklace

Big boned, tall with broad shoulders are a very common figure type, but easy to
solve. Just follow these simple steps:

V neck wrap dress

silver knot necklace

Jackets without lapels

Bell bottoms

1. Wear V necks to draw attention away from the shoulders, towards the centre.

2.Avoid blouses with shoulder detailing such as ruffles, puffs or gathers on the sleeves  or shoulder pads.

3.Wrap dresses and blouses that are not clingy will work for this figure. Avoid empire line and horizontal stripes on tops and tees.

4. While choosing a jacket, select one with ultra narrow lapels, with no detailing or color changes at the shoulders or upper sleeves.

5. Bell bottoms or wide legged trousers balance out the broad shoulders by creating symmetry.

No ass?

This could be an issue, not just for the petite, but also for other figure types. For a fuller, shapely butt:

high waisted dress

Lavin high waisted trousers

Clinch the waistline to create curves

Tapered pants

1.High waisted, high pocket stitched pants will make your butt stand out a little more. Large pockets make the butt look smaller!

2. Pants with a slight tapering at the knee or a straight leg make the butt look a bit larger in comparison to the rest of the figure.

3. Dresses and skirts that are belted at the waist clinch the waistline to create the illusion of a proportionately bigger bum. Try dresses with light bunching in the back to help create the illusion of more, where there’s none!

4. Lighter colors emphasize what you have and darker colors on the bottom will hide whatever little of the butt that exists, so choose colors wisely.

5.Avoid lycra on the bottom and wear shorter jackets that end at the waist or just under it.

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