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Golf In The Spa: The Quirogolf Massage Reviewed

April 3, 2014

While I’ve only tried played golf twice in my life (once with an actual gold club and the other with the Xbox Kinect) I was simply intrigued by the concept of the Quirogolf Natura Bisse massage ( using golf balls) at The Address Dubai Marina.

As a first timer at ‘The Spa’, Address Marina, I was impressed by the details and special touches added to the décor and design, which made it stand apart from most of the other spas in Dubai. For instance, the very spacious shower and changing rooms were a welcome change. I also loved the fact that there were so many cozy nooks found in the spa, where one could just spend time lounging, reading or simply relaxing.

The Quirogolf Massage at The Spa: The Address Dubai Marina

The Quirogolf Massage at The Spa: The Address Dubai Marina

As the massage was about to commence, I was led by a trained masseuse into a beautifully decorated room called ‘Escape’. After a short introduction, the masseuse explained that the Quirogolf massage is meant for people seeking deep tissue relaxation, muscle cramps and sports- related injuries. I, for one just wanted to try something new!

The Spa at The Address Dubai Marina

The Spa at The Address Dubai Marina

I liked the fact that a special lotion was used for this massage, instead of the traditional oil, to facilitate smoother movement, without slipping and sliding off. After a preliminary hand massage, the masseuse expertly used the golf balls on the back, combing them with skilled massaging techniques. At first, I didn’t feel like it was making enough of an impact on my upper back and shoulders (my key problem  area), but when I asked her to amb up the pressure, it really started to make a huge difference.

Due to my posture and hours of work on the laptop, all the tension tends to build up in the neck and shoulders (as is the case for most people who’re glued to their desks everyday in regular 9-5 jobs). After accelerating the pressure for massage, I found the muscles loosening up and the knots simply melting away, thanks to the textured golf balls being pressed, rolled and skillfully maneuvered over me.

The Quirogolf Massage by Natura Bisse at The Address Dubai Marina

The Quirogolf Massage by Natura Bisse

The 50 minute massage was both, relaxing and refreshing but it wasn’t over yet. As a last hurray, the masseuse let me to a little tea lounge, where I was pampered to the fullest with a warm shoulder pad, some fantastic ginger and lemongrass tea and some light goodies (read marshmallows and bite sized cookies). I took my time here to relax and loved the peaceful ambience. I would’ve fallen asleep if I wasn’t that charged up and refreshed after the massage.

The Spa: The Address Dubai Marina

The Spa: The Address Dubai Marina

I decided to test out the steam and sauna facilities next. The steam room was a bit too cozy for two strangers to share, so I was happy to be alone during the time. The sauna room was bigger and nicely fitted out too but I opted steam anyway.

In all, the Quirogolf massage was well worth the price, at AED 400 per person. The use of facilities such as the steam and sauna was another plus, as was the sweet pampering session after the massage. Top marks for ‘The Spa’ at The Address Dubai Marina- I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

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