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Low-Cost Luxury For Frugal Fashion Junkies!

December 14, 2011

Buying vintage items has just never been my thing…I’d rather enjoy the tingle in my spine while I unwrap my brand new shoes, take in the colors, feel the textures and listen to the crackling of the wrap.. . But last night changed all that! It was at the Flavours launch party that I realized vintage clothing and accessories can get me just as excited, considering they come with price tags as drool-worthy as the gorgeous Pradas and Chanels they’re on.

Enter Flavours, a one-of-a-kind webstore in the Middle East that buys and sells genuine, lightly used luxury and designer clothing, accessories and jewelry at throwaway prices- Depending on the usage, brand and type of the item, prices start at just AED 150! That’s 1600 Rupees or 40 dollars! No wonder I changed my mind huh?

Glimpses of the Fashion Show at the Flavours Fashion Show, Dubai

Glimpses of the Fashion Show at the Flavours Fashion Show, Dubai

Nadine Mezher, co- founder of the webstore speaks exclusively to Fashionably Yours, “Flavours is the first specialist in authentic, rare, limited-edition and discounted luxury items in this region. Our mission is to provide our clients with GENUINE designer bags, accessories, clothing and even shoes, at reasonable prices. The reason these items are so well priced, is that they have been previously owned: we collect them, authenticate them, restore them and sell them back to a highly growing market. I have to say: they are in excellent condition.

The idea for Flavours came to us when we noticed that a lot of the people around us love to shop for all these high end items regularly, ending up with a huge selection and they don’t know what to do with these items once they want to buy new ones. Most of them would just give their bags or accessories away. We figured that there is a tremendous opportunity here and a market to be filled.

 The concept of these boutiques is big in Europe and the United States, but we pride ourselves to be the first online boutique to have such an amazing selection in the region.”





How does this work?
The process is very simple: people contact them to sell their used bags. They collect and check the condition of the items, have their experts look at them to authenticate them and price them for sale, according to the usage and rarity of the items.

Nadine says, “Everyone loves a good bargain! From Louis Vuitton, to Chanel, Gucci and Prada, you are bound to find something that matches your taste. Brands like Louis Vuitton never go on sale but Flavours makes it possible for you to buy these items at 60% off and more!”

Chic, but Cheap?
‘Affordable Luxury’ appeals to fashion addicts of all ages and pockets. However, the snob value of luxury items is not diluted by this concept.

Nadine says, “You have to keep in mind, that even at discounted prices, the luxury items are still not for everyone. Somehow, it is still a selective club and the purchaser of these items believes in the high quality, beautiful craftsmanship he/she is investing in. This is why they do not want to purchase fakes and replicas but these are the people who recognize a rare vintage item, limited edition pieces and know their real value.”

Well, cheers to that… You know where MY next Chanel is coming from!

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