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Red Carpet 101

May 31, 2011

After the Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, Cannes and a truckload of red carpet events, let’s check out the show stealers who sashayed into fashion’s hall of fame this year… or fashion’s alley of shame!

1) Mila Kunis

She’s on her way to becoming one of Hollywood’s best dressed celebs- A few big projects, ad campaigns  and a couple of romantic comedies lined up this year, she has plenty of opportunities to show her fashionable side. Watch out for Mila- She’s in the hall of fame, and she’s here to stay!

Spotted:  Golden Globe Awards and Oscars

Mila Kunis in her famous Elie Saab Couture lace dress @ The Oscars 2011

Mila Kunis poses in Vera Wang at Golden Globe Awards 2011

Signature style: Ultra glam, Feminine cuts

Best known for: That 70s Show and Black Swan

2) Sarah Jessica Parker

Personally, I’ve always thought her style was overrated. Her recent red carpet sightings have only backed me up on that! She has her redeeming fashion moments, yes, but this year she’s gonna be lurking around the dark alley of shame until she finds a knight with a shiny new sewing kit and a pair of scissors to boot!

Spotted: MET Gala and Cannes Film Festival

SJP at the MET Gala wearing Alexander McQueen. Yawn...

@ Cannes Film Festival in Elie Saab. News flash for SJP: It's a day dress, honey!

Signature style: Quirky, Over the top

Best known for: Sex and the City

3) Blake Lively

Super tall, sandy blonde and gorgeous, she has a penchant for fashion. Even though the same can’t be said about her acting, she does play the part of eye candy to the hilt- both, on-screen and off it.

Spotted:  MET Gala and Elle Style Awards

Blake Lively @ Elle Style awards in a stunning blue Emilio Pucci

@ The MET Gala with Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel Couture

Signature style: Independent, bold, sexy

Best known for: Gossip Girl

4) Rihanna

Okay so her music has been mediocre in the past couple of years but her dressing has nose-dived to the bottom of the pit. Rihanna, how much acid are you on anyway? It’s injurious to OUR health!

Spotted: Grammys and Brit Awards

Rihanna sports a queer Jean Paul Gautier @ Grammys 2011

@ The Brit Awards in Dior Couture, looking like a toxic cupcake.

Signature style: Used to be bold and funky, now it’s just indefinable in a bad way.

Best known for: Umbrella- ella ella eh eh eh! (Sigh….)

5) Rachel McAdams
Nobody noticed her before she got hot! This year she has gone from being a nobody to a chic red carpet hottie, dotting the world in her stylish ensembles Loved her Cannes look!

Spotted: Oscars and Cannes Film Festival

Looking ravishing @ the Oscars in Elie Saab

@ the Cannes Film Festival in Monique Lhuillier

Signature style: Feminine, Soft

Best known for: The notebook and a few forgettable rom coms.

6) Scarlett Johansson
From being one of the most beautiful faces and a most promising career ahead, it’s a little appalling what has become of the bright Ms Johansson. The least she can do is fire her stylist now. Time to buck up, girl!

Spotted: Oscars and Golden Globe.

@ Golden Globe Awards in an Elie Saab dress, clearly meant for geriatric members

@ The Oscars in Marc Jacobs- the peekaboo didn't work for her!

Signature style: Previously fresh and trendy… now it’s just confused.

Best known for: Being Woody Allen’s muse

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