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The Ceecode Bloggers Style Up Shoot!

February 14, 2012
Ceecode bags Dubai bloggers shoot

Blogger 1-“Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met- I’m Priyanka from Fashionably Yours”
Blogger 2- “Hi! Nice to meet you… wait! Fashionably Yours, I think I’m following you on Twitter!”
Blogger 1- “Really? What’s your twitter handle?….Ohhh that’s YOU! I’ve been following you too! Nice to finally meet you!”

After all the #FFs and mentions and retweets, a few style bloggers in Dubai finally had a chance to put faces to twitter handles …and boy, was it fun! The Ceecode bloggers style shoot was a blast, not just for the camaraderie but also for the fabulously funky Ceecode bags that each of us got, for our styling challenge!

Ceecode style up shoot: Courtesy Tinayums.com

Ceecode style up shoot: Courtesy Tinayums.com

I was happy to receive this cute Union Jack clutch with some furious studded knuckle clasps as a style up challenge. It got me thinking- Well ofcourse it’d go best with a sheer black ensemble. But since that’s predictable, I opted to pair the clutch with a color blocked mod dress- (very Twiggy) with ankle boots and oversized frames. Time to welcome spring already! Here’s a picture photographed by the talented Tinayums at the very unique Andew Martins Gallery, DIFC- Dubai. You can check out all the funky CeeCode bags HERE or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


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