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Therapy Box: Unboxed!

December 4, 2014

“Everyone needs therapy… and now it comes in a box!”- So they say.  Naturally, I was very curious and excited to receive my very own Therapy box last week. Not knowing what to expect, I found a range of products within- from unique, double-wand mascara from Sephora to a best-selling book and even a small bag of delicious macaroons. Now that’s what a pleasant surprise looks like!

The November special edition Therapy Box arrives!

The November special edition Therapy Box arrives!

Upon further inspection, I realized what ‘Therapy’ is really about- It’s not just a service that offers beauty product samples every month- it’s a lifestyle subscription box service which may include things from categories such as electronics, literature, fitness, nutrition & cooking, home décor, fashion & beauty and even experiences. It contains items that the folks at Therapy love, and would like us to try something new each month.

The folks at Therapy want us to try something new each month!

The folks at Therapy want us to try something new each month!

I for one, absolutely love that the spectrum for this service is so broad that it un-boxes so many opportunities. For example, I used to be an avid reader (some ten years ago) but not anymore, because I just cannot seem to tear myself away from the internet for that good, old-fashioned ‘curl-up-in-bed-with-a-good-book’ session. The compelling and inspiring book based on a true story, ‘Unbroken’ by Laura Hillenbrand that came in the box this month, made me do just that. In that sense, it was really a ‘therapy’ of sorts for me!

Who is it for?
According to the folks at Therapy, their subscribers are intelligent, well-educated, and quality conscious women, who are open to new experiences.

What I found in my Therapy Box ( November special edition):

What's in my Therapy box this month?

What’s in my Therapy box?

For the home: Bath & Bodyworks scented candle in Dark Kiss – I’m not much of a candles person at all but this one smells so divine, I couldn’t help lighting it for a bit at home. Perfect for the holiday season too!

For Your Conscience: Whatever-it-takes Mug- This company’s products feature custom artwork drawn and signed by diverse international celebrities from fashion designers to chefs and movie stars to world leaders. All proceeds from the sales are donated to selected charity products for key global causes. My mug has a quirky shape for a handle but its cute, nevertheless.

For your time: Nstyle Manicure voucher- I don’t know a single lady who wouldn’t be happy about this one.

For your soul: Unbroken’ by Laura Hillenbrand- Hailed as one of the top non-fiction books of the year by TIME magazine, this is a book based on a true story and aims to inspire – I’m halfway through right now and I’d highly recommend it.

What's in my Therapy box?

What’s in my Therapy box?

For your indulgence: Macaroons by Rich Café- These French delicacies have long been a favorite but the ones from Rich Café are to die for. I particularly loved the chocolate flavored ones.

For your look: Sephora upside down mascara- Having been a beauty blogger for over four years now, very few products are able to make me do a double take. This mascara actually has two wands shaped like a compass to let you coat the top and bottom lashes at the same time. Talk about a high-functioning multi-tasker!

For your beauty: Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 – Perfect for the dry winter in Dubai and a beauty essential in every makeup bag.

Therapy Box: Lifestyle subscription service, Dubai UAE

Therapy Box: Lifestyle subscription service, Dubai UAE

Whew! Now that’s like literally packaging the body, mind and soul into one slick Therapy Box. Great concept and gorgeous products – here’s to seeing more of these boxed beauties in the coming months.

Check out www.boxtherapy.com  for more details and how to subscribe.

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lana February 10, 2015 at 4:28 pm

How much did you pay for your subscription ???

rhea scott December 8, 2014 at 4:54 pm

Hello, I liked the therapybox…it’s so awesome !!! It’s also available at Spa in Dubai


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